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My vision of Yoga

Simple and without gimmicks like the one that was given to me transmitted to India. Nothing is better than using the words of one of my trainers to help you understand this vision:
“We haven't created anything but it's important to keep this ancestral practice alive with our true valuesrespecting the foundations given by our elders.
We are the common thread of this knowledge and today we pass it on to you in the best possible way and suitable for everyone“ (Omkar Jain).

Yoga and Pilates Dubai The Sweet Wave Yoga

Yoga teaches you to move mindfully by reconnecting a little more to yourself and makes you gain confidence. 

This confidence grows in you through each practice of Asanas (Yoga postures) and by integrating this philosophy into your daily life.


A magnificent balance will be created between body and mind, breath, movement, mediation, letting go, awareness, and self-acceptance!

A few years ago my life was punctuated by another practice that fascinated me: dance. Far from yoga but always in relation to the expression of the body in movement, I danced for more than 15 years. My life revolved only around dance, it was more than just a passion. So I decided to pass the diploma of Modern Jazz Dance Teacher.

It was during my years at the Ecole Professionnelle de la Danse, during workshops designed to relax us and give us a break between exams and performances, that I discovered yoga. It was my first encounter with the practice, but as a teenager at the time, I didn't feel at home with it. It was only later, following a series of injuries that left me no choice but to give up dance and my degree, that I came across yoga again...

Yoga Teacher in Dubai
Yoga Teacher in Dubai The Sweet Wave Yoga

A new cycle of life began for me and it was thanks to a friend who practiced Kundalini (a type of Yoga that combines the dynamic and static practice of Asanas with breathing, meditation but also Mudras, Kriyas, and Chants), that I connected with this practice. From a simple video course, I was now looking to test all possible styles of Yoga. This passion grew in me and that's why I decided to share it with you.

My love for yoga and myself began to grow simultaneously: I relearned, trusted myself, and resumed awareness of my body.

A rebirth in new physical abilities.
By thanking my body and mind every day
allows much once fears and anxieties have been overcome and


A real renewal in my life which quickly led me to the decision to go and deepen my physical and mental practice in an ashram in India for 1 month. Cut off from the world, I was going to discover the power of Yoga.

My Yoga & Pilates Certifications

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Certified

Arhanta Yoga in India


200 hours of theoretical and practical training immersed in an ashram.
A timeless experience that will remain etched in my mind and that accompanies me every day in my teaching.

Reiki 1st Degree

Trained in Degree 1 Reiki 

Energy treatment allowing deep cleansing and purification of all energy channels so that universal energy circulates freely and naturally.
Combining the 5 principles of Reiki.
dynamics and deep relaxation technique.

Degree 1 Reiki does not allow consultations or treatment energy.

Pilates Matwork

Levels 1/2/3 et small appliances 

Body Harmony School (Monica Germani) in Marseille

Rhythmed by the rigor and discipline of Pilates practice, this experience came to bind with my knowledge of Yoga


This is why I wanted to merge these two practices, so complementary in my eyes, to create a Yoga Core method linking Pilates on the ground and Yoga

Pre & Post-Natal Yoga

Formation Pura Vida studio à Marseille 

I seek to train myself regularly in new practices to best support you in the different needs of the body.


Relieves tension in your body and soothes your mind and your daily life.

That's why I wanted to train in pre-and post-natal Yoga during this period when your body is changing to make room for the baby, but also your state of mind and your vision of things. 

A powerful return to yourself. 


There's nothing better than letting yourself be carried away by Yoga in those all-important periods before and after the baby.

The Sweet Wave Yoga Dubai

See you soon - The Sweet Wave Yoga

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